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So shoot me already.  Distracted by visitors, gastroporn photography and good restaurants of all persuasions, I am re-igniting my passion for cooking and this blog. Having said that, err… some random photos until I return <inserts sheepish grin> !!


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Mashed potato ABC salad Buri Rocket


Mashed potato.

ABC Salad (asparagus, broccoli, celery)

Buri marinating in ginger and shoyu, prior to being cooked teriyaki style

Rocket/arugula.  A relative rarity here in Japan, and a bargain at ¥100 ($1AUD) for this entire bunch! Was enough for 2 x meals.

Having prepared a very Japanese meal and all, I had the best of intentions to photograph tonight’s dinner.  Alas, eating got in the way!  Next time, next time…

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