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So shoot me already.  Distracted by visitors, gastroporn photography and good restaurants of all persuasions, I am re-igniting my passion for cooking and this blog. Having said that, err… some random photos until I return <inserts sheepish grin> !!


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OK… so I am sick. Unsurprising really, following my harrowing deadline on the 7th. My appetite is wan and the only thing I’ve felt like eating today are umeboshi, or pickled plums.

Instead, I am reading some food-related books to cheer myself up:

Another thing that is cheering me up is my new:

Canon G9

More on this when I am well!

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Turns out that said deadline has morphed into another, April 30.  Following that will be another and final deadline of May 7.  Ever the procrastinator, I’ve found some more food pix from the annals of my photo library. None of them are truly blogworthy, but I guess they will serve as a good measuring stick for that faraway point in time when I *can* take pictures worthy of the foodporn moniker…

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Mashed potato ABC salad Buri Rocket


Mashed potato.

ABC Salad (asparagus, broccoli, celery)

Buri marinating in ginger and shoyu, prior to being cooked teriyaki style

Rocket/arugula.  A relative rarity here in Japan, and a bargain at ¥100 ($1AUD) for this entire bunch! Was enough for 2 x meals.

Having prepared a very Japanese meal and all, I had the best of intentions to photograph tonight’s dinner.  Alas, eating got in the way!  Next time, next time…

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Cafe Au LaitKibbeh, Melbourne styleMabo Tofu, Melbourne style

L~R: cafe au lait, kibbeh & salad, mabo tofu & miso soup…

It seems that my Flickr account has disappeared into the ether[net]. The above photos are all that I have managed to salvage from my time in Melbourne… I know I ate more than this in 2006, but still!

I have not had much luck with photography of late. My camera was stolen earlier this year whilst working in Osaka; I’d be dealing better with the loss if I’d downloaded the memory stick before departing Tokyo.

I’m now in the market for a new camera. Any suggestions are welcome, please feel free to comment.

Let’s see what else is on my hard drive:

Caesar saladAnnalee’s roast lambsake

L~R: Chicken caesar salad; Annalee’s roast lamb; wedding sake (August 2007)

1st anniversary dinnerchampagneanniversary dessert

L~R: First wedding anniversary dinner; champagne and desserts; umeboshi jelly dessert [closeup] (July 2007).

That’s it. How pitiful.

So my advice, people, is back up. Back up. Not much more to say, really.

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