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Butter drought

I’ve been suffering from a surfeit of impending deadlines that won’t let up until April 21st. Life’s a b*? %h, I tell you. That, coupled with my non-camera status, is another reason for my recent lack of blogging.

While I can’t do anything about my deadlines, I am planning to purchase a new camera, either a Canon G9 or Canon Powershot 5 IS. (If anyone is using either of these, please comment!) I’m trying my luck bidding on Japan’s Ebay equivalent, Yahoo Auctions. So far, no good. But what I have found instead is butter… That’s right, butter.

You see, Japan is suffering from a, err… butter shortage at the moment. You can read more about it here via ‘quality’ reporting from the Japan Times:


I’m okay however, and have more than enough cow spread for my daily fix of Vegemite toast. Alas, others aren’t so lucky… check out the bids and prices on these Yahoo Auctions!! (NB: you need to be able to read Japanese fonts on your browser)


My response? “Japan. Always interesting, never boring!” I think I need some Vegemite toast.


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