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Cafe Au LaitKibbeh, Melbourne styleMabo Tofu, Melbourne style

L~R: cafe au lait, kibbeh & salad, mabo tofu & miso soup…

It seems that my Flickr account has disappeared into the ether[net]. The above photos are all that I have managed to salvage from my time in Melbourne… I know I ate more than this in 2006, but still!

I have not had much luck with photography of late. My camera was stolen earlier this year whilst working in Osaka; I’d be dealing better with the loss if I’d downloaded the memory stick before departing Tokyo.

I’m now in the market for a new camera. Any suggestions are welcome, please feel free to comment.

Let’s see what else is on my hard drive:

Caesar saladAnnalee’s roast lambsake

L~R: Chicken caesar salad; Annalee’s roast lamb; wedding sake (August 2007)

1st anniversary dinnerchampagneanniversary dessert

L~R: First wedding anniversary dinner; champagne and desserts; umeboshi jelly dessert [closeup] (July 2007).

That’s it. How pitiful.

So my advice, people, is back up. Back up. Not much more to say, really.


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